Be A Model for Yourself

Be A Model for Yourself

Good morning honorable judge  and all my friends. Thanks to the presence of Allah who gives us health so that we can present this morning. Now, I’d like to tell you my speech about be a model for yourself.

In a phase of adolescence, many children are easily stressed because of the many tasks of the school, an increasingly jammed roads, competition is growing, and psychological distress. Circumstances that make many children falling prey to promiscuity and drugs. To anticipate, that support from parents and other relevant parties. Such support can be given the motivation of NGO observers of children, counseling psychology from the faculty, the seminar was the personality of the institution of public education, counseling about the danger of drugs from the national narcotics agency, the danger of intercourse and the spread of HIV from the faculty of medicine, the dangers of juvenile delinquency from the Indonesian National Police and etc.

Those things are external factors to the personality of children. But, more important is the internal factors within the child is to be the best motivation to work hard, not easily discouraged, has a target to be achieved in an honest way to live.

Motivation,  among others :

  1. Like wise counsel, experience is the best teacher in life. If we fail in one thing, we don’t be afraid to do it again with another better way. Failure is a good opportunity to draw lessons.
  2. Didn’t make the same mistake. That is mistakes can be made to do any signs so we don’t repeat it again.
  3. Not need to start a big change all at once. It means, small changes that are consistent will be more beneficial than a major change which is only done once.
  4. Optimistic in doing something that is to be sure that who we can and are able to do so with the best.
  5. Not drowning in sorrow means whatever happens in this life must be accepted gracefully without disturbing the concentration in the spirit of learning and achievement.
  6. Open to criticism from other parties. Meaning, we high-minded in accepting the positive changes. Criticism of other parties delivered a lesson we must to correct mistakes.
  7. Have a good quality of emotion is not easily influenced and provoked by other who can hurt.
  8. Choose friend in the association. That is good friend can bring us into better person and reliable. So, that our thinking patterns are also more mature.
  9. Respect and love yourself. We must be able to adjust to the physical condition of our daily activities. Take some time for relaxation, entertainment, etc. Do not ignore the harm caused by continuous learning. appropriate exercise will keep your body and improve efficiency in learning.

10. Think before you act. That is before doing anything else we should consider carefully so that there would be no sense of remorse.

At least, if we want to be role models for ourselves must be based on good intentions and desire. Polar logic rather than emotion in taking steps and handles problems. If we can be more mature, we can become positive role models for ourselves and others around us.

I think that’s enough. Thanks for the attention of the honorable judge and friends. Good morning.



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