The Brave Octopus

“Hey-hey-hey. Let’s play chasing!” said Turtle to his fellows.

“Yes-yes-yes. Let’s play chasing! Good idea to be followed,” said the others.

While they were playing together, a scary thing approached and come near.

“Hello.. I’m Octa Octopus,” said him in mellow. “I’m newcomer and I want to be your fellow,”.

But the fishes seemed to be frightened. They all really felt scared and afraid. They ran they fled and avoided him. Oh no! they ran towards the place where shark has lived!

Suddenly, a fierce scary Shark came up to ambush. The fishes ran to escape, but it seemed to be no use. When the fishes being forced into the corner, Octa ambushed the Shark with no fear.

“Ha-ha-ha. What a brave soft little creature. Before too late, better come back to your mother!”  said the Shark.

But Octa the Octopus bravely faced the Shark. He shot out his ink and water became dark. So the dense cloud of ink made the Shark temporary blind.

“Let’s escape!” Octa shouting while they have a good chance.

“You’re so brave! You’re our hero! Please forgive us and let us be your fellows,” said the fishes.

Finally, they are realized that Octa is a kind-hearted people.


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